Because you can only measure
quality with quality.

Especially when it comes to quality control, the highest standard must come first.

This has been our claim for our devices since the beginning.


To produce the best solutions and make our customers happy encourages us to constantly improve our devices and develop new innovative equipment.


PTE Austria is a newly established business, on the grounds of the former Xell GmbH, developing, manufacturing and trading laboratory testing instruments for paper, board, tissue and pulp with main focus of manufacturing and developing pulp testing machines and customer specific special devices.

The experienced team is constantly improving in order to meet the high expectations of PTE Austria’s customers and to deliver the best quality. Although the company is still young, the team consists of experts who all have acquired many years of experience in developing and manufacturing pulp and paper testing equipment. PTE Austria’s supplies and products are subject to detailed and strict internal quality control – from the tiniest bolt up to the complex machine.

The manufacturers at the workshop are equipped with the latest and best tools and they are hard working in order to build and assemble devices of precision and refinement never attained before. PTE Austria owns all rights of the former Xell and thus continues to manufacture and further develop the world famous and successful Einlehner devices based on the knowledge of Mr. Hans Einlehner.

The new base software of PTE Austria was matched to the new devices from an external team and is continuously developed further in order to ensure a smooth and user-friendly operation of the PTE Austria machines.

PTE Austria offers service as well as spare and wear parts for own, former Xell, Einlehner and third-party devices.

PTE Austria cares and stays with the customer from the start and helps the customer in installing, training, troubleshooting, maintaining, optimizing, upgrading or even disposing of the product.

We fancy quality
and our team.


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