Bending Stiffness Tester

Code: E.119


To determine the bending resistance and stiffness of paper and paperboard.

The bending stiffness tester is equipped with special anti-vibration dampers to get clear test results without external influences. A clear acrylic glass protects the measurements area. Sample clamping happens pneumatic and the measurement length can be set from 1 to 50 mm and the test speed is 1 to 50°/s. The bending angle can be pre-set from 1 to 90 degrees and there are 2 times of test and 2 points of measurement angles. The bending stiffness tester can be operated solely through the visualization and control screen and is easy and intuitive in use.
  • pneumatic sample clamping
  • touch display in color graphic
  • easy operative & intuitive user interface
  • clear acrylic safety cover
  • special vibration dampers
  • full statistics
  • 3 adjustable measure points
  • 2 adjustable measure times
  • USB port
  • CE certificate

ISO 2493; SCAN P29; DIN 53121; BS 3748; TAPPI T556; NFQ 03- 048; IS 3748



measurement values bending stiffness, slop, max. bending moment, bending moment at 90°, bending moment on relaxation, angle at max bending moment, angle at zero-moment on return movement, bending work
pre-select angles 5; 7.5; 15 & 30
bending angle (creaseability – scoring) up to 90°
speed: 0.1 to 50°/s
adjustable testing length from 1 to 50 mm


Electricity 110 - 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Air max. 600 kPa