Bendtsen Tester

Roughness and Air Permeability



To determine the roughness and the air permeability according to the Bendtsen method, Gurley porosity is calculated from the measured values.

The specially developed robust aluminum housing, which is equipped with a user-friendly touch screen, provides an excellent basis for the high-precision measuring mechanics of the Bendtsen. It consists of up to two pneumatic measuring cylinders with corresponding measuring heads, the control circuits and precise measuring sensors. To save the touch screen, the start button, which is separately attached to the device, can be used instead of the start button. The flow rate is 25-5000 ml/min. Other flow ranges are available on request.
  • simple & intuitive operation via touchscreen
  • fully automatic measuring process
  • up to two measuring heads: roughness and air permeability
  • statistic with graphs, max, min, mean, standard deviation
  • photocell detection of the sample, automatic start of measurement
  • automatic compensation of atmospheric pressure
  • high quality acrylic specimen alignment holder
  • calculation of the Gurley values in seconds (only for porosity measurement models)
  • Windows based software
  • RS232 and USB port
  • CE certificate
ISO 5636, 8791; TAPPI UM535; SCAN P21, P60



test pressure selectable acc. to standard 0.74 kPa, 1.47 kPa, 2.20 kPa
stabilizing time selectable 1 – 40 sec.


Code Description
E.205.100 1 head Bendtsen Tester for roughness tests
E.205.200 1 head Bendtsen Tester for air permeability tests
(with Gurley calculation)
E.205.300 2 head Bendtsen Tester for roughness and air permeability tests (with Gurley calculation)