Sample Punch


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For the fast and practical pneumatic preparation of paper or board samples.

Sturdy sample punch for easy and rapid preparation of square or circular test pieces, either used for grammage determination or as sample preparation for bending stiffness, Elmendorf tear or for twin folding tests. The Grammage ranges from 30 up to 1 000 g/m² and thickness up to 4 mm. The device is equipped with a hand button and protection glass to ensure safe operation.



Air 6 mm diameter pneumatic tube for compressed air connection (400 – 600 kPa).


Code Method Related Standard Sample Size
P.105.100 Elmendorf ISO 1974 50 x 63 mm
P.105.110 Elmendorf ISO 1974 76 x 63 mm
P.105.120 Elmendorf TAPPI T414 53 x 63 mm
P.105.130 Elmendorf n/a 63 x 63 mm
P.105.140 Bending Stiffness ISO 2493 38 x 80 mm
P.105.150 Bending Stiffness TAPPI T556 38 x 76 mm
P.105.160 Twin Folding ISO 5626 100 x 15 mm
P.106.005 Grammage n/a 4.99 cm² (round)
P.106.050 Grammage n/a 50 cm² (round)
P.106.100 Grammage ISO 536 100 cm² (round)
P.106.D15 Grammage n/a 15 mm (diameter)

Other customized sample sizes are available!